Food Safety with Digital Supply Chains


Hoshō is a traceability platform that ensures food safety by tracing the journey of meat through a digital supply chain. By automating data-intensive processes, it improves the efficiency of operation and decision making. 

Problems Faced

Current supply chain operations are inefficient, with complex processes across different countries, organisations and divisions. On top of that, error-prone manual data entry and validation, and lack of easily accessible data hinders the use of data for automation, data analysis and effective marketing.

Hoshō Platform

Hoshō is:

  • Proven technology
  •  Scalable – from pilot to production, department to organisation, and
  • Adaptable – to support current and future needs of the organisation, to help maintain a competitive edge.

With Hoshō, we aim to build a digital supply chain platform to seamlessly capture key supply chain data, that can be used for document data automation, provenance exploring and verification.

In collaboration with a Multinational Corporation, we successfully completed a pilot project for beef traceability using blockchain technology. The customer experience was elevated by providing end-to-end visibility of the journey of the beef. At the same time, the business was able to monitor and respond to issues quickly. 

A full scale Hoshō would transform an organisation’s supply chain and ensure food safety by:

  • Increasing efficiency and reliability,
  • Improving customer confidence and engagement,
  • Reducing cost, improving product branding and sales, and
  • Defending against competition.

Above all, Hoshō can be incorporated into existing work processes without much disruptions. Contact us to find out more about how Hoshō can help you.