Japanese Conglomerate and Financial Institution Uses Singapore Supply Chain Financing Platform


Here at Blockchain Solutions, we empower businesses and customers with verifiable, auditable and provable data, using innovative technologies. As an enterprise technology company, our mission is to help businesses achieve measurable outcomes with all-in-one integrated digital solutions that address their needs. 

Last week, Marubeni Corporation, one of the top five Japanese conglomerate trading houses and Mizuho Bank, a global bank with one of the largest customer bases in Japan, have adopted the use of our Supply Chain Financing Platform — Genie. Their participation further strengthens the supply chain finance arrangement. 

What is Genie?

Genie is a blockchain enabled supply chain financing platform that optimizes financial structures and payment flows for purchasing companies, suppliers and financial institutions across Southeast Asia (SEA).  

Despite a modest recovery from the COVID pandemic, about 35% of companies today still struggle with credit crunch. A platform like Genie can provide a financial lifeline for many small suppliers and companies who do not have access to capital markets. We aim to create a network of buyers, suppliers and financial institutions that can support each other and generate mutually beneficial opportunities for one another, especially in these uncertain times.

What sets Genie apart is that it is developed using proprietary blockchain technology with an EU accredited trust service to handle large volume of transactions and provide users with these unique benefits:  

  • Cloud Security – Enable real-time verification of assets prior to financing, which serves as forensic evidence for any tampering and mishandling. 
  • Secure Provenance – Cryptographically verify ownership of financing request by linking provenance for visibility across all supporting documents.  
  • Change Control – Provide a protective mechanism to safeguard documents against any unauthorized modifications.  
  • Fraud Deterrence – Provide 100% detection, accountability and auditability of double financing risks faced by financiers across complex systems.  
  • Operational Efficiency – Simplify complex transactions involving voluminous financial documents into a seamless, automated process.  

With Genie, buyers can optimize working capital with better credit terms while suppliers can unlock access to more capital sources. With auditable verifiable data trails, financiers can identify any unauthorized changes to mitigate fraud and credit risks. 

Genie for Green Financing

In Marubeni Corporation’s first transaction using Genie, financing was provided to an international supplier of electric vehicle components. With its auditable feature and digital workflow in place of physical documentation, the Genie platform can potentially be adopted in a move towards green financing. 

For more information about Genie, feel free to contact us.