AI-enabled Enhanced Analytics

AI and Data Analytics

What is Sue©?

Sue© is the next-generation AI tool that powers enhanced analytics to provide businesses with simple, transparent and quantifiable insights to get stakeholders buy-in.

  • Create models that analyse small data sets, including Excel spreadsheets, databases or new models to encompass evolving data analytics needs.
  • Learn and record decisions from a human perspective to achieve optimal outcomes, and translate them into business or operational decisions
  • Integrates with existing systems to drive faster decision-making and identify anomalies for follow-up action.
  • Boost productivity and lower costs due to faster decision-making, impacting top line growth and bottom line cost reduction.
  • Retain knowledge and business intelligence

SUE is offered as follows

  • AI-as-a-Service hosted on the Internet
  • Inhouse deployments within your own networks.
  • Annual renewable subscription.
  • The ability to test first before buying – run your
    own Proof of Concepts.
  • The necessary training to get started.
  • Business and Analytical support from our
    growing list of Resellers.

Key Features/Benefits

  • SUE models can be built by nonexperts, trained, tested, fine tuned and calibrated to improve decision making results.
  • Improve productivity and accelerate the tedious tasks that also require human analysis, the productivity of the human being and his/her functional roles.
  • Focused on small data sets such as those applied to spreadsheets or more.
  • A simple and clean user interface.
  • Models built in hours and days, not weeks and months.
  • Ability to insert SUE into the current systems through the use of API connectors.
  • Additional features to enable fine tuning to adjust importance levels and achieve the lowest forecasting
  • Fully transparent – The exact logic path SUE used to reach its decision can be traced. Value add for Compliance and Regulatory processes.
  • Subject matter experts can drive improvements without the need for programmers.

Problems BSG AI has Solved for you:

Unintended bias


AI potentially can reduce or remove some human bias and other
limitations of human decision-making. The Data used is key and lot
of that data may have been influenced by past human bias and


Develop rapid models without any access to biasing information,
allowing the organization to get a view which cannot possibly be
biased for comparison.

Uncertain accountability


If machines and AI are making the decisions, who is at fault when
something goes wrong? What’s the right time frame where,
essentially, accountability shifts over?


Shows the exact data point/s that cause a decision. Making
accountability transparent to the original provider of the data.

Privacy backlash


Customer trust is vital. It is their data. How it is collected, used and
protected must be thought through.


Because the tools uses little data, it can be limited to only
pertinent, non-invasive information.

Ethical dilemmas & Societal disruption


How should an organization or the industry weigh AI’s benefits to
itself versus the benefits for individuals or society.


BSG AI’s tools are sold with a world-leading code of conduct to
limit abuse.

Regulatory reaction


With the rapid changes in automation and AI, Regulators and
others who do not deal with it every day will have difficulty.


Because the tools are 100% transparent and adjustable, the
regulator can see exactly where answers come from and the
user can make any changes the regulator orders with ease

Additional benefits include

  1. preserving expert knowledge in the company

  2. faster training of inexperienced staff through having SUE recommendations guide them in their work.

  3. functional specialists will drive improvements without the need for a technical specialist. SUE Deployments can save you $ Millions through savings, accelerated sales and performance – straight to the financial bottom line.

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