Mitigate Cyber Risks

1Fortify provides enterprises with end-to-end solutions in securing the integrity of digital infrastructures including databases, website connectivity, network files, virtual machine images etc. 

Key Features

FortifyDB – Fortify Database Integrity Monitoring

FortifyDB safeguards the integrity of databases by logging into its vault and triggering a security alert upon detection of unauthorized tampering, followed by automated data restoration.

Compared to typical data storage methods with no safety framework in place, FortifyDB enables users to counteract system violation quickly and mitigate risks.

FortifyWF- Fortify Web & File Integrity Monitoring

Large organizations, in particular government agencies with dynamic website content managed by multiple departments, are susceptible to data infringement such as url and script redirecting.

FortifyWF allows users to specify the file types to monitor changes in real time and trigger a security alert to web administrators among detection of unauthorised actions. It automatically restores the data, reducing manpower inefficiencies from conducting manual checks on event logs and data restoration.

FortifyVM – Fortify Virtual Machine (VM) Integrity Monitoring

Most, if not all organizations, have SOPs in place to store VM images for disaster recovery which requires periodic configuration updates due to dynamic environments. In the event of an anomaly, the web administrator is required to pore through lines of event logs to ascertain the changes.

FortifyVM secures the data integrity of the VM image.

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